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2020 Bedrock Syrah, California   

Winery Notes: A wine with a name that evolves as great sites come our way, this is what used to be the North Coast Syrah. In 2017 we started working with the beautiful Shake Ridge Ranch in the Sierra foothills, which expanded the parameters of this wine beyond the “North Coast” AVA classification. We figured including fruit from this great site was worth changing the name—plus “North Coast” was just so boring. As always, this Syrah is composed of wines that were declassified from vineyard-designated lots. Basically, we don’t want to make more than a certain amount of Hudson, Griffin’s Lair, Alder Springs, Weill, etc... so we put whatever is left into this wine—making a bangin’, crazy, flipping, margin-killing bargain given what goes into it. All of the lots saw between 20-80% whole-cluster and there is some co-fermented Viognier present as well. As always, we hope to capture the power and elegance that Syrah can straddle in California, showing here in a wine full of cracked green pepper, smoked meats, and violet perfume.