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2021 Manincor 'Riserve della Contessa', Alto Adige, Italy   

Pinot Blanc 60 %, Chardonnay 30 %, Sauvignon Blanc 10 % (Terlaner). – Colour: full, deep yellow with greenish reflexes. – Aroma and flavour: the aroma is fresh, reminiscent of apple, apricot with a hint of sage; full and elegant, extremely mellow and long. – Site and soil: two-thirds of the grapes come from the “Liebeneich” site at Terlan and one third from the “Campan” vineyard at Kaltern. Our Liebeneich vineyard at Terlan is on a warm, west-facing slope at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level where the soil is well-drained consisting of sand and clay with a bedrock of eroded porphyry. Kaltern Campan is a cool, east-facing mountainside site at an altitude of 500 m above sea level where the soils are rich with clay and morainal deposits. – Winemaking: grapes were de-stemmed and left to macerate in the press for six hours to leach out aroma substances and body from the skins. Fermentation took place in oak in part using yeasts naturally occurring in the vineyard, followed by a maturation period on the fine lees lasting eight months to enable the aroma and flavour to develop. – Serving suggestions: enjoy lightly chilled, at 50 – 54 °F. – Food recommendations: first courses, fish and with white meat dishes.