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2021 Birichino Malvasia Bianca, Monterey   

The Birichino Malvasia is so aromatic that it could be bottled as a perfume. As soon as I poured this pale white wine into a glass, a smell seemed to emanate through my entire kitchen that recalled honeysuckle, gardenias, orange blossoms and apricot jam. When I put my nose to it, I got the unmistakable notes of St. Germain and Pez candy. In fact, the fragrance is so florid that upon smelling the wine, you’ll probably assume that it’s sweet. It has a set of lush aromas typically present in wines that have a little bit of sugar in them, like a dessert Riesling or Moscato. And so it’s a pleasant, refreshing surprise to take a sip of the Birichino Malvasia and realize that it’s bone-dry, without so much as a trace of residual sugar... ...It’s a quenching, delightful wine that delivers immediate gratification. No swirling or decanting required; no need to wait for it to open up. The Malvasia is plainly charismatic from the moment its top is screwed off. It’s not holding back any secrets."