The Team

   Kerri Leever – General Manager 


Kerri has been working at The Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese Company since December 2011. She has 
earned several certifications in wine (CWAS, IWS North & South, FWS, SWS, and Sommelier) and is handpicking artisan wines for the retail store’s portfolio and our wine clubs from over 15 different countries. With her passion for sales, wine knowledge, genuine hospitality, high level of service, and natural ability to lead, Kerri is a proven asset to The Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese Company. 




Pedro joined the Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese Company in 2022.  Pedro has a passion for Pinot Noir and spirits, especially Bourbon and Whiskey. If you need help picking out a spirits gift, Pedro can point you in the right direction. 


Robb Fox - Sales Associate and Event Coordinator   

Robb Fox is fulfilling his love of wine, especially Zinfandel, and a dream retirement job all at one time.  Robb has been working for Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese Company for over 5 years.  He brings with him many years of experience as a tasting room associate for the Santa Cruz Mountain Winery, Picchetti. 

Bryce hennings - Sales  associate

A wine lover from Washington state, Bryce has always had a deep appreciation for wine and its intricate flavors. While mostly versed in Chardonnays, she is expanding her horizons into new territories and she is excited to be a part of the HMB community.

Kristy Barger - sales associate

Kristy recently joined our team and brings a passion for customer service to the table. She loves a good oaky Chardonnay but is constantly on the hunt for new wines to try.  Kristy is a HMB local and looking to get  inspired, educated and connect on all things wine! 

Lizzie Zuroski

Lizzie is a fan of red wines of all sorts, but especially California Pinot Noirs. She's recently begun a foray into the world of white wine and would love to tell you what her new favorite is! Born and raised in Half Moon Bay, she has lived all over the world and is stoked to get to be the face of the shop on Sunday mornings!